Ever wonder where the idea for "The Terminator" came from?

James Cameron has done some incredible work with movies like Aliens, Titanic and The Terminator. But in regards to the last movie, the idea for this movie was not something that came to mind during a drug induced haze. Back in the mid 1960s there was an absolutely wonderful television series called "The Outer Limits". It was truly ground breaking, with storylines that were always fresh and sometimes shocking. In fact, one episode of The Outer Limits was so shocking that television stages actually blocked out the image of the creature because they thought audiences might be so revolted and afraid. That episode was entitled "The Architects of Fear" starring Robert Culp. Other episodes were equally shocking like "The Zanti Misfits" and "The Bollero Shield". Many of the episodes featured stars before they were stars like "The Chameleon" with Robert Duvall or "Nightmare" with Martin Sheen". And given the paranoia of the deep state, there was one classic episode entitled "The Invisibles" where a sinister, other worldly force invades and takes over the highest levels of government. Anyway, if you look hard enough around the internet, you can still find episodes that are free to watch and download. This episode, entitled "Soldier" is the genesis of Cameron's "The Terminator". I found it on the Open Archive which is a platform allowing the public to download and share media not encumbered by any copyright laws. In other words, posting this video here does not violate any copyright infringement laws. Hope y'all enjoy this.


By: Storm Spotter (913.80)

Tags: The Outer Limits, "Soldier", The real "Terminator"

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