Stomach-churning moment 25-year-old cyst is popped

This is the horrifying moment a 25-year-old cyst on an elderly man's back is popped.

Footage captured on June 24 at a home in Bristol shows the bulging blemish on Dave Andrew's back.

His daughter, Kerry, attacks the pus-filled sack with a scalpel – causing yellow gunge to ooze out from all directions.

The pus seems endless, with some of it even leaking onto the carpet.

Once the cyst is empty, Kerry jokes to her father: "You'll need a tummy-tuck now... you've got loose skin."

The popping of the monster spot had to be done at home, says Andrews, due to a change in NHS policy.

She told Newsflare: "The cyst has been there for a very long time.

"He had it drained on NHS 25 years ago, but it has slowly returned and they no longer do it on the NHS as it's classed as a cosmetic procedure.

"In the last few days before we popped it, he said it was getting sore and uncomfortable when he lays down.

"I was a bit concerned that I was hurting him but he said just go for it."


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