Coronavirus outbreak in Bergamo, Lombardia (Italy)

Since somebody asked why nobody was posting Italian version of and Iranians horror stories, the reason was probably because they were yet to come here as well.

I quote the source:

"Incessant cremation cycles, caskets aligned with dignity and Christian mercy, waiting for a blessing and a spartan and rigged up funeral.

Today we cry in pain, but tomorrow someone will give an answer to all of this."

Source of :

It ain't mistery, this is the current situation in Bergamo, which is the italian city that has been hit harder.
And this is the result.

Since there is still people claiming even this is fake , this is the Bergamo's newspaper's obituary:

I am not trying to push morbid videos nor I am trying to publicize my channell or myself to gain some kind of popularity, I couldn't care less.

What I am trying to is to raise awareness about what is really happening in many cities in Lombardia, since there is still entities denying that.

Containment is possible, so please be proactive, and eventually get ready to be reactive.

Stay home and stay safe.


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Location: Bergamo, Lombardia (Italy)