Oregon cop who "accidentally" shoot a mentally ill man by confusing taser for a gun is CLEARED of all charges

The family of a mentally ill man shot dead by Oregon police in a Carl's Jr. bathroom is planning to sue the department for wrongful death after seeing bodycam footage of the incident that was released on Wednesday.

Mike and Vicki Graves' lawyer, David Linthorst, said that the pair struggled watching the bodycam footage of 33-year-old Matthew Graves being shot twice by Eagle Point police on September 19 at an area Carl's Jr.

In the clip, Graves is seen having a confrontation with officers Daniel Cardenas and CJ Davis. The footage comes from the body camera belonging to Cardenas.

The mentally ill victim Graves was diagnosed with schizophrenia and lived nearby the eatery


By: VagabundoR1 (10910.06)

Tags: Mentally, ill victim, shot dead in the back

Location: Oregon, USA