Chinese scenic spot swamped with 20,000 tourists as coronavirus outbreak slows

Eastern China’s Huangshan mountains were swamped with visitors as the COVID-19 outbreak has been under control.

In the footage shot on April 4, crowds of people jostle on the narrow path in the mountainous area. It is understood that many people have been queuing from 4 a.m.

It’s reported that the famous Chinese scenery spots open for free for the local residents during Tomb-Sweeping Day. More people have begun to go out of their homes and engage in outdoor activities as the epidemic situation has been effectively controlled in China.

In response to this, Huangshan Scenic Area issued an announcement at 10:31 on April 4: "The number of people entering the scenic area has reached the limit of 20,000 tourists, and the ticket sales have been suspended. Tourists are asked to choose other tourist routes or choose another date to visit the mountain."

Due to a large number of tourists, the Huangshan Scenic Area has to be closed twice respectively on April 4 and 5.

According to the staff working in the scenic spot, the reasons for crowds to gather are visitors still have to have their temperature taken and staffs have to check their heath registration and as the daily capacity of the scenic spot is reduced and many tourists worry that it is difficult to enter the mountain so many of them decided to visit the mountain in the morning.

Huangshan mountains are located in Huangshan City, Anhui province. The video is provided by local media with permission.


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