Mandatory Masks On Skype???

From KSTP, CH5 in MPLS - This is our MN Lt. Governor doing a TV interview on Skype - masked up!!! She has always dressed up, had wavy perms, and highlighted the hell out of her hair. Then, the Columbus statue got ripped down and she went, seriously the next day, goth black hair in pony tail, tribal dress and earrings. She spoke of being a member of the White Earth Tribe. I'll tell you what, if she considers herself from that reservation due to her genetics, then I consider myself from Watts, because I use electricity. Must be nice not to have to go into the office to face reporters regarding the riots and nursing home deaths...luckily, the rioters didn't loot nursing homes or this could have been big. The Governor announced mandatory masks yesterday because he didn't get a $1.3 Billion bonding bill (AKA, payback money for supporters) out of the legislature. He even offered to give up his Emergency Power dictatorial rule if the Republicans would pass it. They refused, he passed the mask mandate, and the only sign of a virus in this State is on my hard drive, and is porn related. Must be a REAL emergency!!! I will ask a question of budding math experts or actuaries in comments!!
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