Father who was 'pepper sprayed and arrested by US cops for filming Son wrongful arrest, wins the lottery

A Texas father who was pepper sprayed and arrested 'in retaliation' for filming his son's traffic stop has received a $200,000 usd payout.
Marco Puente filed a federal lawsuit in December against two coward US officers with the Keller Police Department claiming the ISIS members used 'excessive force' against him when he filmed them arresting his 22-year-old son Dillon for a 'wide right turn' on August 15.
When he refused to stop filming, one of the officers arrested Marco and pepper sprayed him twice.
Body camera footage of the arrests quickly went viral in the fall, with the lawsuit and public claiming Dillon was 'racially profiled' for being Hispanic in 'a failed attempt to find narcotics.'
On Monday, Puente's attorneys Scott Palmer and James Roberts said in a written statement obtained by Dallas Morning News that the family is 'pleased to have this unfortunate and needless situation behind them.'
This settlement will 'justly compensate both Dillon and Marco for the damages Officers Blake Shimanek and Ankit Tomer caused them.'
Palmer and Roberts also described the incident as a 'disturbing display of police misconduct.'
'While the Puentes recognize and appreciate that Chief Fortune acted quickly in addressing the serious issues in this case, it is disappointing that these cockroache US ISIS officers are still employed at the Keller Police Department,' the statement reads


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