Two killed when a Lada loses control and get hit by an opposing vehicle

The Network posted footage from the registrar, depicting the accident that killed two people near Chelyabinsk last Sunday, February 10.

On the Chelyabinsk - Troitsk highway, not far from the town of Yemanzhelinsk, the driver of the VAZ-2115 lost control and crashed into the oncoming Nissan Patrol SUV.

As a result of the collision, a married couple died - a man who was driving a Lada born in 1976 and his passenger born in 1985. Two more people who were in the cabin of Nissan were injured, according to local media .

The record shows that for the instant before the collision, which became fatal, the driver of the "fifteenth" was forced to make a sharp dodge maneuver so as not to collide with the Lexus car, which overtook and moved along the oncoming traffic.

It is not excluded that the situation was aggravated by difficult road conditions - because of the snowstorm, visibility on the highway was limited.

It is known that the driver Lexus decided not to stop at the scene of the accident and left. Currently, relatives of the victims are looking for him.


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Location: Chelyabinsk