Bodycam footage released after 2018 officer-involved shooting ruled suicide

Body camera footage of a man shot by Memphis police in 2018 was released by the Shelby County District Attorney's Office on Tuesday.

The footage of D'Mario Perkins, 29, shows the night where he was approached by two MPD officers, Brandon Barnes and Reinke, while he was sitting in his car.

It is not clear whose body camera footage was operating at the time of the shooting due to redacted information in Tennessee Bureau of Investigations documents.

In the video, Perkins was approached by officers while he was inside of a blue Pontiac Firebird while on South Third Street and Mitchell Road. An officer on camera approached Perkins saying his license plates were not registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Perkins then appears to tell officers he was feeling suicidal while on camera. Not long after an officer is heard yelling "drop the weapon" and then several shots were immediately fired.

It is not clear on footage who fired the shots first on camera.

Images from Perkins' car show that several shots were fired, shattering the rear window of the car. Other images show at least nine shots were fired at the door of the car Perkins was driving that night

The medical examiner ruled the shot to the head as self-inflicted and listed it as the cause of death, before the other nine shots were fired.



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