Fleeing car crashes on CCTV + chase & arrest

In Belgium, police were about to pull over a suspected drunk driver when he tried to escape and led police on a chase. Moments later, he crashed and police caught up to him. 2 passengers fled the scene .

A little translation for 2nd video:
start: Hello, please follow us, oke?
@ 1:03 Cop: There he is. fleeing from us huh?.
- That wasn't me, really.
That was definitely you, i recognize your face. Come with us man, Its been enough.
- Wasn't me. Who did this? My dad is gonna kill me.
Yeah yeah, Lets put some cuffs on him.
- Why? I'm not going to do anything or resist.
Could be, but you fled from us
- wasn't me...

Happened late 2018 in Belgium


By: plakka (1127.30)

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