Brazen hit and run on highway in Brampton Ontario

And before anyone jumps to criticize the driver of the first car for driving too slow in the left lane, here in Ontario that is a diamond lane, a high occupancy vehicle lane for people with more than 2 people in the car. The "fast lane" or passing lane is the one to the right of it. So this driver was not doing anything wrong. In fact, they could not get out of that lane as there are designated spots to both enter and exit the HOV lane. All other areas are solid double lines and thus it is illegal to change lanes there. The rear car was a huge fucking asshole. I hope they get the fucker. The dashcam car should have pursued to get the plate at least.

Police are trying to identify the driver of a vehicle that failed to remain on scene after causing another vehicle to spin out of control on Highway 410 in Brampton.

In a tweet, Ontario Provincial Police released dashcam footage of the vehicle tailgating the other car in the carpool lane before trying to pass. The incident happened on May 3.

The vehicle can be seen clipping the front end of the other vehicle after trying to pass, causing the other vehicle to veer onto the shoulder of the road before spinning around and coming to a stop.

“Who would do this?” asked OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt in a tweet depicting the incident.


By: Enrico_Palazzo (761.10)

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