Dutch police find hidden Cannabis growing operation

Police find a hidden underground Cannabis growing operation.

Did know... that the weed i have at home right now was legally bought in a coffee shop, but that the same weed was illegal when it was growing? It was illegal up until the moment it reached the coffee shop.

The Dutch government has a so-called "Gedoogbeleid". In the context of the law of the Netherlands, the term gedogen refers to not enforcing certain laws.(toleration, although gedogen does not literally mean toleration; one can describe it best as toleration in law)
The Dutch government tolerates some offences, like possessing small amounts of cannabis are formally forbidden by law, but the government abstains from bringing criminal charges against the offenders. Professional grow operations or transport of cannabis above 5 grams (0.17 ounces) however, are not tolerated.

Also, can have a maximum of 5 plants growing at home, but the police will still take them away if they get a complaint about it. They just won't prosecute for it.



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