Man finds dogs in a bag on the side of the road

The prosecutors of Tatarstan carry out a check on the fact of cruelty to animals after a video appeared in social networks and the media, which caused the indignation of users.

The frames show how along the road in the Kukmorsky region of the republic are bags, from which the heads of dogs stick out.

The video was posted by a man who said that the footage was made by his friend. He drove along the road when he saw wiggling bags.

The driver will stop and find that there are live dogs in the bags. He freed and fed the extremely emaciated animals, but could not continue to deal with their fate, he drove on.

Now the district prosecutor will have to find out who put live dogs in bags, the KP website writes .

Earlier it was reported that in the Leningrad region a man tied a dog to the railway tracks . Fortunately, the train driver saw the dog and released him.

Later, zoodefenders sought out the dog in the photo, which fell on the social network. It turned out that this is a dog of a local 40-year-old man who said that Seryoga (the dog's nickname) "has become obsolete."

At the same time, he refused to give Serega to zoodefenders. This incident deals with the regional transport police department.


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Location: Tatarstan