Police take down suspects plotting to commit violent heist

A newly-released video shows Florida police execute an incredible takedown of 3 heist plotters using a swarm of at least sixteen unmarked cop cars to surround their vehicle.

The men were just hours away from pulling off an armored truck heist at a PNC Bank in Port St. Lucie in which they planned to murder the two transport guards and get away with $4 million in cash.

Authorities recently learned of the plot, one of the suspects told an FBI informant secretly working with the men that the planned heist had been in the works for two years.

Police identified the three men as 43-year-old Daryl Canady aka 'Doo-Doo', 34-year-old Alger Lee Ellison and 27-year-old Martiavius Leon Williams aka 'Man.' They are all in federal custody in Palm Beach County, TC Palm .

The FBI Safe Streets Task Force and other law enforcement were tipped off to the heist by an FBI informant who was secretly working with the suspects.

According to authorities, Canady also told the informant that two or three Loomis truck employees were in on the heist. Canady said the guard who was going to be with the driver knew the plan, as well as a second female truck guard.

Though the operation took place back on February 20th, police are only now releasing the helicopter video showing how it all went down.


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Location: Port St. Lucie, FL, USA