'Are you serious?!' US husband jumps for joy after wife's surprise pregnancy reveal

This was the moment Delton from Dallas found out he was going to be a father after his wife's surprise pregnancy reveal.

Jordan, Delton's wife, was sat on the couch and asked Delton to pass her a jacket in which she had hid her positive pregnancy test underneath.

After Delton moved the jacked, he saw the test and cried out "Are you serious?" while bouncing up and down in disbelief.

Delton told Newsflare: "My initial reaction was 'I’M GONNA BE A DAD! LET’S GO!' In addition to the initial excitement, the concern for my preparedness to be a father started to sink in.

"I had been out of town, and she had known on her own for about 5 days so she waited until I got back in town to tell me in person.

"We had wanted kids for quite a while, and it took us about 10 months of trying faithfully when it happened.

"We understand it takes some people a lot longer and maybe even fertility treatments to get pregnant, so we are beyond blessed, but it still felt like a huge victory!"

The father-to-be added: "We are actually being induced tomorrow (March 26)! It is certainly a crazy time to bring our baby girl into the world, but she has been such a source of hope for us."

This footage was filmed in August 2019.
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