Awesome view of huge king cobra caught in Thailand

Awesome GoPro footage shows a 12ft long king cobra being caught after raiding a storeroom.

Reptile catchers arrived after Sananchat Ladchata, 60, noticed the deadly snake in his outhouse in Trang, southern Thailand on Wednesday night (April 8).

They coaxed the venomous wild serpent out into the yard where it began to flare its hood in a sign of aggression.

GoPro first-person-view footage shows how one of the rescue workers distracted the cobra - while the other waited behind the snake for the chance to catch it.

With one swift life-of-death move, the filmer then grabs the snake by the head and pins it to the ground.

He said: ''The bigger snakes can be the most dangerous as they have the most experience. One wrong move and a bite can be fatal.''

The house owner, Sananchat, said smaller snakes were common in the rural region but he had never encountered a king cobra before.

He said: "I sometimes help the rescue team so I have some knowledge about snakes.

''When I saw it was a king cobra, I knew I would not be able to catch it alone. It thought it would be safer to let the more experienced to handle it."

The snake was put into a sack and was brought back to the rescue office before it will be released to the woods later to prevent it from coming to the local villages.

King cobras are one of the most dearly snakes in the world and they are responsible for thousands of deaths each year across Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.



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