A Different Approach to Covid

We have all seen on Live Leak what the toilet lickers are doing to prevent the corona virus. We have seen what is happening in the New York subways. We have seen the ghetto rats disobey social distancing rules. We have seen the spitters, coughers, and sneezers. We have seen the Miami beaches and we seen the millennial's go wild during Spring Break. We have seen what has gone on in India. We have seen how Hollywood, fake news and dishonest politicians have behaved during the crisis. We have seen what Italy, Germany, and Pakistan has done. With all of this in mind, I thought it would be good to post a video showing what some church people are doing. I think this might be Brazil, but I am not sure. I prefer this bunch over the toilet licking generation.


By: Long Beard (19900.50)

Tags: Covid, Toilet Leakers, Church People

Location: Brazil