The lady got into the car and crashed into two buildings

In Kamchatka, a visitor to the Versailles cafe got behind the wheel of her car and successively crashed into two buildings, a shop and an institution from where she got out.

The incident occurred in the village of Svetly, Yelizovsky District on January 21 in the evening. The cafe said that the accident occurred due to the fact that the woman sitting at the wheel mixed up the gas pedals and brakes.

The store especially got it: its wall was damaged, and many products fell from the shelves.

According to the Kamchatka agency , no one was injured as a result of the incident. At the same time, the culprit of the accident and the store representatives did not contact the police and independently filed the incident.



By: ThisIsButter (39338.10)

Tags: woman loses control on car, Crashes into two building, Vehicles, Accident

Location: Kamchatka