Kolomoisky Orders Bugsy to Bankrupt Ukraine


With nine billion dollars ($9,000,000,000) due the IMF in the next two years,
the Oligarch with more than 1,000 companies under his control, sees the handwriting
on the wall.

Declare DEFAULT (Bankruptcy) rather than face being bled dry by EuroBanker parasites at
unreal interest rates and fealty to do whatever "belt tightening," they say.
Greece has never recovered from a similar situation.

Concern among Ukrainians and western officials about Mr Kolomoisky’s influence
over the novice president was heightened after the billionaire returned to Kiev this month
after two years of self-imposed exile and his former personal lawyer was appointed Mr Zelensky’s chief of staff.

“In my opinion, we should treat our creditors the way Greece does,” Mr Kolomoisky said.
“That’s an example for Ukraine.” In its stand-off with creditors in 2015, Athens became the
first developed country to fail to repay an IMF loan.

Ukraine needs IMF loans, which come under a standby arrangement, to service
its external debt that amounts to about 60 per cent of gross domestic product.
With payments set to peak this and next year,
Mr Kolomoisky also suggested Ukraine had nothing to fear if it defaulted.


By: Jim Jackson (620.40)

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