Fatal accident in car race leaves two people dead

(Google Translate) Two people were killed and several injured occurred after a car was out of control during a race and it will impact on a fence where he was part of the public.
The events in the village of free, in the State of Puebla, were captured in a video that circulated through social networks.

The race was conducted on the occasion of the celebrations of San Juan de los Llanos, but ended tragically when one of the cars hit another in the back.
This resulted in one of the vehicles lost control and left projected towards a fence where several people were.
The video shows how the car knocked down the fence, lifted a cloud of Earth and ended up falling on the audience that witnessed the spectacle.
After the accident the inhabitants in the area reported that the race did not have the necessary Civil Protection measures for its realization.



By: MickeyBoy (1774.70)

Tags: car, race, accident, fatal, vehicles

Location: Puebla, Mexico