Citizens help nab hit and run driver

Date on dashcam incorrect. Occurred on Oct 30, 2018.

A woman is facing numerous charges after Charleston police say she was responsible for hitting a bike taxi in downtown Charleston on Tuesday night which was captured on a motorist’s dash camera.

Kacey Elise Jay, 24, was charged with DUI, and was released on a $2,262 PR bond.

When Jay blew into the Datamaster, she blew a .24 percent, three times the legal limit, according to the incident report.

At one point in a police video the arresting officer tells Jay that he has to transport her to a hospital because she was involved in a collision.

“Were we in a collision?,” Jay asks the officer."I don’t really know what the [expletive] happened.That seemed a little bit dramatic."

A small bag of white powder was also found in her wallet, the police report stated.

The responding officer reported submitting the powder for further testing and a DUI packet into evidence.


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Location: Charleston, SC