Why the U.S. is silent about military exercises in the Baltic States

The Baltic States are in the anticipation of the annual large scale military exercise Saber Strike.
The well-known annual international exercise held since 2010 by the United States Army Europe (USAREUR) is focused on the Baltic States. These countries consider this event as a key element of participants’ training on command and control as well as interoperability with regional partners. The Saber Strike exercise aims to facilitate cooperation amongst the U.S., Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and allied and partner nations.
Usually these maneuvers take place in June. Thus, it is logical to assume that the time of the military exercise is coming, but this year event is never mentioned.
There are two ways of situation development. The first one is - Saber Strike 2019 will not be held at all. The second one is the information about Saber Strike 2019 is classified.


By: viktorsdomburs (63.20)

Tags: Baltic Sates, Russia, NATO, military exercise, Saber Strike 2019, Union Shield 2019

Location: Riga, Latvia