What is this? The Mystery Ring of something....

I'm just copying n pasting from my fb , youtube page...I will answer what I can if any questions......

YouTube descrip:
So, I've sent this among friends and family and none of us have any idea what we are seeing. This "Ring" rises up. Then rolls off into the woods. Date and timestamps are accurate....The wind was minimal, or vfc variable 5-10 kts or less...Have another unusual video , 40 minutes after this one I will add lm later, the 2nd video is more cyclonic. again no wind....Look at the grasses and leaves to verify.

Facebook Descrip:
Ok brainiacs , masterminds and political poster children
I've shown this video from my backyard April to a few of you, and none of us have a clue...One person said "it's a sprinkler" but water from a sprinkler would land you see :/

So I'm now sharing it to see if we can figure out why a ring of something came up from the ground and rolled off into the woods! Yep that's 0.19 seconds of raw capture.... I will post a link from youtube and upload it directly here...

So yall take a break from being the medias bitch and tell me , Am I lord of the rings?


Captured on my momentum cori wildlife camera.

And for these guys:

(Yes I understand yer highframe super fps $2499.00 4K camera is superior, but I catch stuff you cant see with the naked eye and large spaghetti O's on my $24.99) I've setup robotix cams, high end arlo etc.....so I already know.

The daytime pic is for reference, the purple martin house or birdhouse is 15ftt tall


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