Bombing police stations is a thing that should really be done

People are honestly pathetic ass cowards these days, they don't fight back against police and they just let them trample all over their rights and abuse them. People need to fight back and give back hope to everyone that's been arrested out there and everyone who's been abused by these pig- that THERE IS HOPE and that people are willing to fight back and send these fucks home in a blanket. Police need to die, someone has to pay for all the damage they've caused. More lives have been ruined by police than by drugs or gangs combined.

Remember, POLICE take away lives, NOT CRIME!

poll: Should people finally fight back and kill cops to give back hope to the people?

Hell yes! Fight back and give them the what-for!
No, I'm a pussy that likes to bow down and kiss ass.


By: dontkickvaginas (28.60)

Tags: police brutality violence america drugs guns firearm deaths bombings station precinct explosive pipe bombs

Location: USA