RAW REALITY - Mother of Murdered Italian Girl Carries Flowers Sent from Luca Traini, the Man Who Opened Fire on African "migrants"


Hundreds attended the belated funeral of Pamela Mastropietro, the 18-year-old girl who was brutally , murdered and chopped up by Nigerian drug dealers. Luca Traini, the man who open fired on African immigrants, claims that the shooting spree was in honor of her and those like her who have been victims of the ever-growing migrant crisis. Surprisingly, many Italians have shown their support for Traini and today, Alessandra (Pamela’s ) was seen carrying flowers given to her by the shooter, placing them on her daughter’s casket.
Alessandra had previously stated that while she did not agree with Luca’s means of Punisher style relation, she also said that his actions didn’t affect her as much as they affected the protestors. She even went on to say that she could care less about his political views and went on the record to thank him for lighting a candle for her late daughter. It’s likely to say that the holds no ill will toward Luca Traini, and is almost in borderline support mode. No one can even be angry at her without coming across as disrespectful; being angry at a grieving doesn’t necessarily come off as loving or tolerant.

Surrounded by police escorts as well as hundreds of people releasing their balloons to heaven, Alessandra’s bold move to go against the social norms was undoubtedly seen by the media, but ultimately ignored as what she did could easily be interpreted as “supporting and hate.” Those attending the celebration of Pamela’s life didn’t seem appalled, however, as those in the crowd applauded in honor of the girl’s life as her casket passed by them.

While Luca himself could not attend the funeral, his brother arrived to deliver the flowers and pay his respects. Civil unrest currently floods the streets of Rome, as citizens are divided on which positions to take concerning Traini and the migrant crisis. One thing’s for sure, this battle will not end soon.

SOURCE: https://squawker.org/culture-wars/-of-murdered-italian-girl-


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