Social Distancing, Men's Team Men are keeping their chins up

Warning: Some occasional swearing. The negative energy can be used for positive motion. Some of us are busier than normal due to the current situation. Many of us are bunkered in and are having trouble dealing with the drastic change, and maybe a little depression. Winston Churchill called his down times his "Black Dog". I belong to MDI in Portland, Maine. There is currently a curfew and we aren't supposed to be out at night. Whether I want to keep in touch with members who retired in Vietnam, are in the Ukraine, or anywhere in the US, because most of us are now meeting on the Zoom App we aren't just talking mainly to those who live nearest us when we meet around a campfire locally once a week for 2 to 3 hours. We aren't currently meeting in person. I had the worst addiction there is, which can lead to all the others. I have an anger addiction, and have had relapses. Talking it out once a week with my men's team helps me from relapsing. Every aspect of my life is better after MDI than before. I am getting used to using the Zoom App, but can't want to traveling all over the globe again, and in meeting locally with my MDI men. We have men come as guests, and many are joining. I have more change in my pocket at the end of the day than it costs per day to belong for the monthly dues. Right now guests can show up for Zoom Meetings and need not even bother joining the team until we start meeting in person again. If things continue we might get together with other local men, and grow a large garden, and "social distance" as we plant seeds. Some of members are starting "Happy Hour" Zoom meetings and couples drink with many other couples after dinner, and some singles are doing their thing as well.
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