Dog shot in the Russian airport

Shot was heard by eyewitnesses on the territory of the second most important Russia's airport - Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg on January 25.

Taxi driver Andrei told about shooting to "".

The driver said that he and his colleagues were in the airport parking. Around 2.20 p.m. behind the fence, he saw an official Renault Duster with flashing beacons on. The car window opened and a nearby dog was shot out of it.

“The dog fell down and squealed for a long time,” Andrei said in a telephone conversation with a journalist. According to him, the parking lot itself was in zone-of-fire, and people could have been hurt.

According to, the airport’s ornithologist shot the dog with a special weapon, which can be described as a prototype of a rocket launcher.

The ornithologist’s responsibilities included tracking the movements of birds, but this time the man saw a danger in the dog. The dog allegedly threatened to run out onto the runway. As the witness noted, this explanation does not look convincing, so the shooter will have a medical examination procedure for alcohol in the near future.

Now the ornithologist is in the linear police department in Pulkovo.



By: Xyecoc (1601.68)

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Location: St-Petersburg, Russia