Knife, shotgun and bat against the traffic police officer in the club

A traffic police officer was in a serious condition in a hospital after trying to calm down two drunken cafe guests in the Leningrad Region, where a law enforcement officer and his wife celebrated Chemist Day. The surveillance camera recorded the time of the attack on 45-year-old Nikolai Malinin.

The conflict occurred about half past three in the morning on May 26 in the cafe "Marseille" on Kirovsky Prospekt in Volkhov. Two drunken men, 43-year-old Sergei V. and 37-year-old M. Shahin, were expelled from the institution, but they tried to return. They went to the assault, armed with a knife and a shotgun, from which they began to shoot at the locked door.

His attackers attacked Malinin, who intervened in the situation. The footage shows how a DPS officer who was not in execution received a stab in the stomach at the entrance to the cafe, after which the proceedings continued outside. A gravely wounded policeman was discovered a few minutes later at the entrance of the Fosagro plant located nearby, by that time his offenders had gone unnoticed. Guardians of the order were hospitalized in serious condition, he is in intensive care, specifies 47news .

Militiamen already found cars on which malefactors disappeared, but they are not detained yet.



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