Boy stays calm and collected during wild bear encounter

(Google Translate) The joy of little Alessandro, 12, a first-grade student in the small town of Sporminore, can be seen clearly in the video that he hastily recorded his mother's companion and that in a moment ended up on social media.

At 10.30 in the morning the Franzoi family was having a picnic at high altitude, in the heart of the Dolomites: "We had left home just before, we often do - says Uncle Federico - In the mountains there were many people but there was silence. Alessandro went a few meters away from us to go and look for the gems of the Mugo Pine. At one point we realized that it came out of the green followed by that bear.

Of course, we were alarmed, while he was very quiet." The right secrets about how to behave in front of a bear, little Alexander had studied them right at this time. In the days when the schools remained closed he continued from home his virtual journeys in the midst of nature. "Animals and woods are his passion," says His Uncle Federico, "He reads many books, studies and dreams of making adventures and discoveries."



By: skybluejack (2512.10)

Tags: wild, bear, encounter, nature

Location: Italy