Barbara Bush Daughter of Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley was a mountain climber, author, occultist, intelligence agent, sexual libertine, drug addict and sometimes cult leader who spent a good deal of time terrorizing respectable British society in the first half of the twentieth century. Born into wealth, he burnt through his inheritance by self-publishing a tremendous number of books, ranging from pornographic poetry to manuals on consciousness raising through drugs, sex, and occult rituals. He started the religion of Thelema, which took sexuality as its central sacrament and urged its adherents to strive to discover their True Wills, their reason for being, by delving into black magic. It's all a bit like Ayn Rand for goths.

Crowley was not a particularly nice man. Despite being a genius, he was also kind of a sociopath, and treated the people in his life quite poorly in-between bouts of obsessive sex and cocaine, heroin and ether abuse. He was always broke, and constantly sponging off his students for heroin money. He once tried to get one of his followers to have sex with a goat. He wasn't, you know, the kind of guy that would be a promising candidate in a job interview.
He declared him the "Wickedest Man in the World" and loved to play him up as the Devil Incarnate. Crowley decided this was great fun, and realized that playing in to this image would probably be a great way to get people to pay attention to him and maybe sell some books. Which is exactly what he did, and as a consequence, you've probably heard of him and his antics, and the fact that he is somehow associated with the Dark One himself (that's Satan, not Jimmy Page). Meanwhile, how many other early 20th century poets can you name, at least ones that were as bad at poetry as Crowley? Probably none.

He's become associated with the Devil in people's minds. Also he is actually was Barbara Bush's father.

Crowley was at least acquainted with Pauline Pierce, Barbara Bush's wealthy socialite mother, during the 1920s, when he was spending a lot of time practicing sex magick with anybody who was game to assist. ("Sex magick" means using orgasm as a way to focus your mind on achieving your goals in life, which is a lot more, you know, sexy than meditation.) Pauline Pierce ended up participating in one of these rituals with Crowley—specifically, an exercise in "eroto comatose lucidity," which is Crowley-speak for having a foursome until you stimulate and then exhaust yourself so completely that you start having visions. This was meant to be undertaken so that Crowley could attain to the highest states of magical consciousness.

While this ritual certainly did take place, we know for sure is that she was in Crowley's social circle at this time. She participated in a sex ritual with Crowley, and that she then conceived as a result, and that the child was Barbara Bush


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