Lukashenko is Ready to Unite Belarus and Russia long as their people are ready as well.
Belarus and Russian Federation are formally united already. On 2 April 1997 Russia and Belarus had signed Treaty on the Union between Belarus and Russia and they became de jure one supranational state. However Lukashenko was staling process of practical unification trying to exploit position of Belarus in between Russia and the EU and to extract the best benefits from both sides. And he was largely successful. However in light of sharpening confrontation between US, their allies and Russia, sitting on two chairs became increasingly uncomfortable for Lukashenko. USA and EU already tried to overthrow him in a staged color revolution of the sort they did in Georgia and Ukraine, but Belarus turned out to be much more stable and Lukashenko much more capable then those countries and their leadership. However lessons of Ukraine, which also tried to play both sides under Yanukovich and failed miserably, could not have being lost in Minsk and Lukashenko understands that future of the whole country and him personally is at the stake and it's time to choose the side. And he understands that Belarus can have peaceful future only with Russia. The other option is to end up like a Ukraine. Failed broken state in civil war controlled by the IMF and Western international capital, playing role of a pawn in the game between great powers.


By: krak.en (6122.30)

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