Lady beats old woman.

A woman who allegedly bashed an elderly woman in an incident captured on video has been denied bail.

Cori Glencross, 23, represented herself in a bail hearing at Geelong Magistrates' Court on Wednesday after she was charged with affray, unlawful assault, assault by kicking and committing an indictable offence while out on bail.

The incident was filmed outside the Market Square Shopping Centre in Geelong, Victoria on about 1.20pm on Tuesday.

Senior Constable Shannon Thompson told the court that Ms Glencross said in a police interview that she was having an epileptic fit at the time of the incident and had no control over her body.

Snr. Const. Thompson also said that Ms Glencross claimed in her police interview that she was acting in self-defence and that the unnamed victim had threatened her with a needle.

A witness to the incident, Caitlyn Brooks, told Daily Mail Australia that Ms. Glencross had told the woman that it was 'not nice to smile' before moving toward her.

Snr. Const. Thompson told the court it was an 'orchestated and premeditated' attack on the elderly woman who was leaning on her mobility walker at the time.

After a brief verbal exchange between the two women, it was alleged that Ms. Glencross approached the elderly woman and asked her if she 'wanted to start her' before shoving her against the glass window behind her.

The video then showed her appear to yank the woman by the hair and pull her to the ground.A bystander could be heard saying 'she's just an old lady'.

The defenceless older woman was then kicked twice as she was lying on the ground before a witness intervened.

Ms. Glencross continued to stand over the older lady until a third woman pushed her away.

Another member of the public was seen offering his hand to the older lady to help her from the ground.


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