Driver on a VW chases and knocks down a bicyclist

Policemen seek to identify the victim, who was intentionally hit on September 29 this year by a Volkswagen driver.

Despite the incident, the cyclist has not yet reported to the Police unit. Policemen from Police Station III in Wrzeszcz are conducting proceedings regarding exposure to direct danger of loss of life or serious damage to the health of pedestrians who passed through the passage in the area of ​​Pl. Komorowski on September 29, 2019. As police officers determined the Volkswagen driver who was driving along Legionów Street towards ul. Wyspiański, at the intersection with ul.

Bora Komorowski intentionally turned left and entered the designated pedestrian crossing with a red light on, which forced pedestrians to flee. The passat driver did not stop despite causing the threat, he sped up and hit a man unknown to him after the designated ride for cyclists. Despite the incident, the injured cyclist did not report to the police.

Therefore, the officers are looking for a cyclist who is asked to report to the nearest Police unit. Investigators also request witnesses of this event or people who know the victim to contact the person conducting the case under the telephone number 58 52 11 538 or to appear in person at the III Police Department in Gdańsk (Investigation Department), at ul. Biała 1 A The policemen who are working on this case secured records from monitoring cameras for the proceedings, they also established the identity of the driver and passenger of the passat, who were interrogated at the moment and may not hear allegations.



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Location: Gdańsk