Snake rescuer gets attacked in terrifying encounter with 15-foot-cobra

A snake rescuer named Prabhakar had a miraculous escape during a rescue operation of a 15-foot-long cobra in south India.

The incident happened on Sunday (January 10) at Mattigatta village, Tamil Nadu, as footage shows Prabhakar trying to catch the enormous snake in a river.

Prabhakar commented, "I got a call that a cobra is seen near a house in small river, I went there along with his friend and with one of his associates, cobra was in the river so [I] went close to him through a fallen tree there."

Prabhakar was trying to retrieve the cobra with a stick but for a moment the stick loosened and the deadly snake tried to attack him, causing Prabhakar to slip and fall. Luckily with quick reflexes he grabbed the head of the cobra and managed to get control over it.

After the rescue the cobra was taken and left deeper in the forest area .


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Location: India