Peaceful protester hit in head with canister during George Floyd demonstration in Minneapolis

This was the shocking scene that unfolded in front of protesters on May 28 as a demonstrator in the crowd was hit in the head with a riot control device canister.

Footage shows the crowd disperse after an initial device is discharged and in the background of the shot through the crowd, smoke is seen coming from the head of a person who immediately hits the ground.

The filmer, Anthony Schwab, said: "During the protest, the march paused on Hennepin Ave, between 4th and 5th Street.

"MPD ignited a firework on the roof of the adult boutique store and proceeded to drive several police SUVs through the street where protesters were standing spraying pepper spray out of their windows.

"They then proceeded to fire tear gas and concussion grenades into the crowd.

"The video shows a peaceful protester getting hit in the head by a riot control device."



By: NewsFlare (80403.00)

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