Cunning man on Mercedes knocked down a motorcyclist to death

A Mercedes-Benz driver who tried to slip into a prohibitory traffic signal caused a fatal accident crashing into a group of motorcyclists. The moment of the collision that occurred at about three o'clock in the morning local time (at about one in the morning in Moscow) on July 12 on Belinsky Street was captured on video.

The author of the recording was the first biker girl to travel. The recording from the camera mounted on the helmet shows that the motorcyclists started off as soon as the green light came on, but at that moment a white Mercedes flew across them - its driver intended to slip into the red intersection.

The car caught the Suzuki motorcycle and rammed Honda, the latter caught fire from the blow, like the car itself. The owner of the bike, a 36-year-old Yekaterinburg citizen, died of injuries on the spot.

The culprit of the accident and his two passengers were not injured - they left the salon on their own.



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