Filipino car mechanic makes ventilator by himself to help with the shortage during coronavirus pandemic

A mechanic in the Philippines turned his automobile repair shop into a mechanical ventilator workshop during the coronavirus lockdown.

Noel Abad, 63, from Cebu City said that he wants to help with the shortage of ventilators in hospitals because of the growing number of COVID-19 patients.

His son, Earnswel Abad took a of the machine created by his father. Its main component is a manual ambu bag attached to a machine to create the mechanical ventilator.

Earnswel said that his father had been cited by different organisations in the Philippines before for his innovations in metal works since he started the business in 1987.

He said: "Hospitals are running out of mechanical ventilators so we managed to turn a manual ambu bag ventilator to a mechanical one.

"This will be finalised soon after sourcing out the needed parts from hardwares stores that are still open. I hope they can provide us with what we need."


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