Tourists nowhere to be found due to COVID-19 travel restrictions - Empty summer resorts in mid-season hits tourism income of Greece

Greece: Empty summer paradise, as tourists nowhere to be found due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Mid-season hits tourism income of Greece. It’s an unusually calm summer for tourism in Greece. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to fewer flight connections, border closure with Balkan countries, and social distancing, which in turn means empty beach bars and restaurants, many shops and hotels are shut, a calamity for workers who depend on seasonal income. Footage shows almost deserted beaches and streets mid-July, in Neoi Poroi Pieria, a famous tourist resort overflowing with tourists from all over Balkans and Europe, but this summer, silence reigns. Even in usual noon rush hours for lunch and drinks, most of businesses do not serve a single client and only antiseptic bottles are on tables.


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