African-American Thug Got His Ass Kicked by Eastern Europeans

African-American thug B. Henderson got his African-American ass kicked by eastern Europeans (Serbs and one Greek with them) in Greece. Before the fight started he molested some girl and waitress with his criminal gang in the night club. Because of that, he and his homies were thrown out of the club by the bouncers. Because of frequent fights of drunk clients, the owner of that club has hired a group of eastern European to protect the club. After that, in front of the club, African-American thug and his homies attacked the bouncers. It was a wrong move, because he was not in his ghetto, where he can do whatever he want unpunished. Then, the rest of the bouncers jumped in and kicked his African-American thug ass.



By: Grim T (793.90)

Tags: African-American, Thug, Ass Kicked, Eastern Europeans, Serbs, Greece, Bakari Henderson

Location: Greece