Diving in Belize, Sharks, Turtles, and massive Coral Reefs

My scuba trip to Belize. Was there only a week but got over 10 hours of underwater footage. Now you get my best 4 mins.

My favorite had to be the reef sharks that would do drive bys next to the dive groups. I was probably the only person in the water swimming towards them as they would just glide by to check you out. Never threatening but obviously looking for a free lionfish meal. Never saw a single lionfish while i was there so there's a good sign that eradication efforts are working. Anyone living near the gulf go buy lionfish tacos when you can. They taste dope and are good for the environment. See you can help the planet by killing something.

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Music: pure imagination by Future James

poll: What SHOULD have happened in the video?

The oceans boring give me dashcams and police shootings.
Found a dead body
Diver get eaten by fishy boi
Hugged a Stingray (RIP Steve Irwin)


By: MaverickDiving (36.00)

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Location: Belize