Terrifying moment lightning strikes truck and kills 43 sheep in south India

In a horrific scene, a lightning bolt struck a truck and decimated a herd of sheep in southern India.

It had been raining heavily at Sandur in Karnataka on October 9,, and a herd of sheep and goats had taken shelter near a truck parked at VSL Weighbridge facility.

A Weighbridge facility employee was filming the rain with his mobile camera when he accidentally captured a bolt of lightning striking the truck.

Forty three sheep and goats of the herd were killed on the spot and 10 animals were injured by the bolt.

Officials said the truck driver and two shepherds, Ganganna and Hanumanthappa, escaped miraculously without any injury as they had just moved away from the truck seeking shelter from the rain.

Additionally, the director of Animal Husbandry department Dr Wali Basha said the herd owners had suffered a loss of four-and-a-half lakh rupees (£5,000 GBP).


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