Americans say FU to Trump's wall

But he isn't listening to them. This is how it works in a democracy, you vote a leader in and then he stops listening to ya. No amount of demonstrations or protests can get him to change his mind because he thinks he is God.

Western Democracy is just like the dictatorships in the Middle East. Once we vote these fools in, they refuse to get out or what the citizens demand.

Stupid woman says: "A parent should not have to bury their child". Yep totally agree so why didn't you make sure your child did not work for Border Patrol or in the Army or Navy? Dumb lady.

Trump tries to make out like ALL immigrants are terrorists, drug dealers and gangsters but in reality, 99% of them are innocent refugees seeking Asylum. the 1%, ICE can easily find out and send them back.


By: Sharia Sucks (685.40)

Tags: Trump visits US-Mexico border, wall funding

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