UK metal detectorists hammer away at old bombshell found on Cleethorpes Beach

A trio of metal detectorists in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire discovered an old artillery shell in the dirt and proceeded to hit the explosive device with hammers.

Footage shows the detectorists reveal the warhead by hammering away all the dirt and mud that had been accumulated over the years, while nonchalantly laughing and joking about the possible dangers present.

The filmer explained that a bomb disposal unit arrived at the location later on in the day and safely detonated it.

They told Newsflare: "In all my time I've never seen anyone crazy enough to hammer an old bomb.

"I've been there so long and I've never seen anyone do that.

"I'm a metal detector myself and we've nicknamed that place 'Bullet Beach' because so many munitions turn up there."



By: NewsFlare (89046.00)

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