New Mercedes explodes on the motorway and kills young female driver

The thing happened more than 1 year ago (October 2018), but the video seems to emerge just now. According to the description a brand new (mileage lower than 2000km/1250 miles) Mercedes A-Class exploded on the motorway in Poland. The explosion destroyed the glass roof and fire was getting to the car via vents on the dashboard according to one of the witnesses. The car was still driving, as the cruise control was on and allegedly it was set to 130km/h (80mph) and it seems the engine was still running and performing fine despite the fire. The car started to rub against the crash barrier on the motorway and stopped, but soon after started to accelerate dramatically (probably due to the cruise control) and then hit a car that stopped earlier on the safety lane. There don't seem to be an official statement of what really happened, but in one of the comments a user wrote that the possible cause was the new gas that car producers are using in the air conditioning systems due to new EU rules here in Europe. The new gas has a marginally smaller impact on the climate, but is highly flammable and can lead to an explosion if there's a leak. There are also (according to the post) only 2 producers of this substance in the world, so I say - let's save the climate nad make some money - who cares if people die if we can save one frog or a mosquito in Amazonia, right?



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Location: Poland