Police share warning after SUV and cyclist collide

Dramatic video shows an SUV and a cyclist colliding in Lansdale. The borough police department posted it on Facebook to send a message about cyclist safety.

It happened at Main Street and Greenwood Avenue on Monday. Amazingly, the man doesn't appear to be hurt.

"Obviously, the driver's at fault," Kyle Wunder said. While Kim Williams said, "On a bike, you can see the cars coming, so slow down."

Lansdale police took to Facebook with the following warning:

"People, especially juveniles, often give the proverbial eye-roll whenever police discuss bicycle safety. Cyclists must adhere to the rules of the road the same as a motor vehicle operator, including riding with the flow of traffic, not against it. This cyclist was extremely fortunate they did not sustain a more serious injury."



By: ThisIsButter (34014.30)

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