Thank You-Say (my first Yoursay)

Hi fellow LiveLeakers ◕‿◕
It came to my attention that i am the number one leaker right now for this week and it completely blew me away! considering i only signed up a week ago and have uploaded no content, i feel humbled :)

The welcome all you guys gave me was out of this world and its really a testament that theres a good bunch of people here on LiveLeak! (even some of the trolls ain't all that bad) LMAO! :P

I just thought i'd make this little video on the movie maker to show my appreciation to ALL you guys for welcoming me with open arms and thumbing the shit outta me LMAO!! :P

Cheers LiveLeak and i hope all you guys have a good Christmas and a prosperous 2014 full of nothing but good for you and yours...

M A S T E R ◕‿◕


By: M A S T E R (965.60)

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