Kurdish Donkey party + extra love for donkeys

In times of fight between ISIS goatfuckers and Kurdish donkey fuckers we aim to share some laughable and some less funny videos from your allies in Kurdistan.
To hell with ISIS thugs and Kurdish separatist and may God bless the kurdish people who are oppressed in Turkey and Iran AND Kurdistan.

Here we go.
The first video is of the Kurdish donkey party with a breef translation and a link below the video:

Omar, the Kurdish leader of the party is asked why he choose to start a kurdish party and if he will have many votes:

Omar - "First of all I want to say that kurds have been using donkeys as vehicles and as friends for thousands of years. The donkey is very speciall friend, if you want him to go right he goes right only if it feels good for him, otherwise he may choose to go left, but he would never kill another donkey. A donkey is not like a human, donkey dont kill donkey.
Secondly, kurds have great love and respect for the donkey as all human leaders are corrupt, I am an original Donkey and we are optimistic about the future."



In the following videos you see kurds teaching donkeys the traditional kurdish dance:

Super donkeys - BMW models:


Last video is actually a sad video of a kurdish man showing to much love to the donkey...The video have been spread lately as ISIS raping the donkey but everybody knows that ISIS rapes only goats..

Feel free to insult the messenger, and not the message.