Live in libtard Germany

At the night of the 11/10/15 a 30 year old man from Hofheim (Hesse/Germany) heard some noises in his basement. When he walked down he found a burglar searching his stuff. The burglar had a screw driver in his hand so the home owner had to react fast. He punched him in the face and knocked him out.

The burglar went into hospital, because according to the news his face was seriously injured.
Till this point it sounds like the feel good story of the day.

The next things that happened where absolutely typical for Germany. The man who defended his home got instantly a complaint to the police for criminal assault. The police warned the public to do not defend themself with violence. The German news broadcasted that using violence to defend yourself is illegal. Which is all completely wrong. In Germany we have literally a stand your ground law. If you find someone in your basement with a weapon its totally legal to beat him to death with a hammer. Even if someone on the street steals something worthy like your mobile phone or your purse you are allowed to use any kind of force you want to stop him. But our officials and the media want us to be helpless even in our own homes so they spread lies that violent self defense is illegal all the time.

Already on the next day the media reported that the burglar is no unknown man to the police. He had done over 200!!! Equal crimes before. The only possibility that they could know that is that he got at this time already over 200 complains to police. Also some judges let him over 200 times go instead of sending him to jail.

And that's no single case. Its reported over and over again that people which had done over 100 serious crimes are still free. There is no reasonable explanation for this. It has to be planned by someone to flood our streets with serial criminals to destabilize the country.

Btw. The news kept silent about the nationality of the burglar. So it was for sure an Arab or Turk. The nationality of a criminal is only reported when he was a German.

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