Powerful explosion thundered at a gas station

A gas station on Thursday morning took off into the air in the Sunzhensky district of Chechnya, the fire spread to buildings and a car. An eyewitness filmed a fire mushroom rising to the sky.

According to Nazarbek Terkhoyev, head of the district, a fire broke out on a tanker truck when it arrived at a gas station on the outskirts of the village of Sernovodskoye. It was not possible to bring down the flame, and a few minutes later a powerful explosion thundered, leaving no stone unturned from the gas station.

Fire as reported TASS , transferred to two sheds and a nearby car. It took about an hour to extinguish, none of the people were injured.



By: ThisIsButter (35264.40)

Tags: WTF, explosion, gas, station, blew up

Location: Chechnya, Russia