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-0000:22:35: Govt media distracts us with Iran to keep us from seeing the lies & the monsters here at home — Iran protests, not French protests; Harry’s exit, not Scotland’s desire to exit; Chinese persecution, not persecution of Assange (but here’s the Pentagon Papers precedent that should free Assange)

-00:46:30: The US accidentally shot down and AMERICAN commercial jet but were able to cover it up with the FBI, CIA, & compliant press

-00:55:52: Eyewitnesses of US missiles shooting down US commercial jet ignored & suppressed by FBI & press

-01:04:12: Air traffic controllers blow the whistle on govt cover up

-01:13:40: “Biological machine”? The frog chimera, stem cells, and DARPA — it’s a weapon like the remote controlled tank (which will soon become an autonomous killer robot)

-01:37:42: US govt is scared to death of Chinese surveillance via 5G. What do they know about the surveillance power of 5G that don’t and why aren’t afraid of the US govt having that power?

-01:58:52: California wants to end euthanasia — for pets, not for humans. $50M to ensure that all pets are adopted (but not babies who are aborted) or all pets treated (but not the elderly or sick who will be euthanized)


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